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CREDIT: Australian Performance Horse Magazine

This is the only colt bred from Autumn Boon to hit Australian shores. Autumn Boon is the most prolific mare produced by the Hall of Fame number one cutting mare of all time "Royal Blue Boon"

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Ima Smooth Blue Cat

Ima Smooth Blue Cat

Images © Megan Parks Photography

Ridden by Leanne Haywood NonPro Toowoomba Futurity Finals

Ridden by pro trainer Gary LeBrocq Toowoomba Futurity

G’day Leanne,

just wanted to say congratulations on your recent success on “Smoothy”, he is truly a once in a lifetime horse! I would also like to commend Gary on a brilliant job in developing and training this great colt and having him so well prepared for both of you to show and do so well on especially when you consider he gives away at least six months in age and maturity to his competition!

Having been privileged to see his grandma, Royal Blue Boon, in action I have to say he favours her both in appearance and in working style. More so even than any of her own offspring and its obvious he has all the cow smarts and cow reading ability of his sire Smooth As A Cat and his own dam Autumn Boon, both awesome individuals. Like they say “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” ... the family tree that is.

Not only is he a super individual, his pedigree represents some of the most highly successful reproducing families in the cutting and cow horse industries of all time and after seeing him in front of a cow I am sure as his babies come of age we will see the traits of his royal pedigree shine through. I’d say the future looks very bright for Ima Smooth Blue Cat in both the arena and the breeding shed and people would be smart to breed there best mares to him and
expect the best as I will…how exiting!!

I wish you and Gary all the best and Good Cattle in upcoming events and want to say GOOD ON YA for going with your gut instincts and stepping out there and bringing “Smoothy” to Australia for everyone to enjoy.
Kind Regards,
Terry Clifford






Ima Smooth Blue Cat

Ima Smooth Blue Cat

Ima Smooth Blue Cat